GoLocal brings together travelers and local communities to generate positive social and environmental impact at the place of destination. We are a mix of a travel guide and a marketplace of experiences, that is, a platform where travelers can select enriching, out of the beaten track experiences. It is also opportunity for local communities and their organizations to offer their knowledge, culture and beautiful environments for special visitors.

We were born from the concept of startups with social impact during the Social Good Brasil Lab 2016. Today, we have partners spread over several regions of Brazil, among them NGOs, social enterprises and environmental projects of local communities and individuals.

We believe that community travel experiences have the power to stimulate entrepreneurship and sustainability, not to mention the preservation of cultural diversity, the raw material of tourism. For the traveler, this is an opportunity to improve ourselves as human beings, to learn new skills, to make lasting friendships, delight ourselves with nature’s hidden treasures, that is, to live the best life has to offer.

Our work is guided by the UN´s Goals of sustainable development, including economic development, environmental preservation and conscious consumption

GoLocal: At each new encounter, a whole new trip!

Photographic credits:
Paraty e região: Gabriel Toledo
Pará e região: Ana Gabriela Fontoura
Espírito Santo: Terence Jorge







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