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The Reserve is one of the main protected area in the planet, and host one of the richest ecosistem of endemic species such as the White Uakari monkeys, and the Macaco-de-cheiro-de-cara-preta. Located within the Reserve, The Uacari Lodge is a floating lodge which totally blends in the surrounding landscape. 

With so many places asserting to be eco friendly, Mamirauá is one of the few places in the Amazon which really does it the right way. Offering comfortable accommodation, qualified guides and an impressive richness of the Reserve, you will hardly find a better place ! “ Lonely Planet

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Why is this trip at GoLocal?

The Uakari Lodge is a non for profit local community based tourism project.

Choosing to stay at the lodge, you will contribute to the socio-environmental support tax, which is reverted to community development and the wildlife research and conservation projects at the Mamirauá Reserve. 




We offer you three options:

3 nights-stay – Friday to Monday: Perfect for short trip seekers looking forward to enjoying an extended weekend to the fullest. 

4 nights-stay– Monday to Friday: The ideal option to try a little of each activity, including a night hike so you can see the best of the rainforest at the moonlight.

7 nights-stay – Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday: For those who want to experience what is like life in close connection to the river! Enjoy an entire day in one of the communities and one full night in the exclusive Forest house “Casa da Mata”. The ideal option to enjoy the activities to the fullest, including a night hike so you can see the best of the rainforest at the moonlight.


All regular programs include daily activities, that might vary according to the season (Draught – from Sept. to May or Flood – from April to Aug.) and the length of your stay. The tours are at 7AM and at 3:30PM and there are also some presentations in the evenings, after dinner.
Below are some examples of the activities available:


Canoe ride : 

During the the rainny season (May to July), all the reserve area get flooded. In this period, the trails are flooded and rides will be on canoes, which allow you to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding nature. By moving close to the forest canopy, you will have the opportunity to see primates and tree mammals like Guaribas, Uacaris, squirrel monkeys, sloths etc.


Hike in the forest : 

There are 15 trails from the lodge into the forest, with an average of 3km, which are easier to hike during the draught season ( august to april). You will explore the forest in a small group to a maximum of 5 people. All the trails are located in strategic areas to maximise the observation of the local fauna and flora such as the giant sumaúmas trees. 


Visiting local Communities :

You will get to know the history, the lifestyle and culture of the communities living next to the river. You will be received by the local guide who will show you the main aspects of his/her own community, answer to your questions to the community and to talk about your own lifestyle. 


Meet the researchers:

The Mamirauá institute is a biodiversity research institute linked to the Ministry of Innovation, Science & Technology. Near the Uakari Lodge, there are 2 floating houses which host researchers teams during their stay in the field. You will have the opportunity to meet them and find out about their research subjects which are usually typical rainforest  animals.


A night in the forest : 

Imagine what would be the sensation of sleeping in the middle of the forest, in a treehouse? And what about having a 360° view of everything around? It’s possible at our Forest House! With the company of the local guide, you will spend the night in the forest, with its animals and noises. A unique experience! 


Sunset at Mamirauá lake :

During a ride on the Mamirauá lake, you can see animals such as the pink river dolphins, rivers reptils, big fishes etc. The sunset is one of the most beautiful views of the reserve. Returning to the lodge, during the night wildlife expeditions, it is possible to see one of the biggest predators of South America, the black caiman. 

  • Check in and check out Transfer: From and to the Tefé airport
  • Full pension service (All meals included) 
  • The full range of activities described in the itinerary tab, depending on the lenght of stay, the season and weather conditions.


Not included: 

  • Extra transfer or special programs;
  • Soft drinks & alcohol;
  • Insurance;
  • Laundry service.


Three weekly flights of approximately 01 hours from Azul Airlines take the visitor to the city of Tefé from Manaus: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The start and end of the Lodge programs match flight 5244 (one way) and 5245 (return). It is also possible to reach Tefé by boat. Jet boats take about 12 hours from Manaus, while Regional Boats take an average of 48 hours. For information on boat tickets please contact us.


Booking conditions:

  • Groups up to 7 people: 25% of the total value during booking and 75% one month before check in date; 
  • Groups up to 8 people: 25% of the total value to book the time period, and 75% to be paid 2 months before check in date. 
  • Groups up to 10 people, the 11th will be free of expenses

The booking is confirmed from payment date. For cancellation or changes, the client must inform us by email. To cancel of change a date you may be charged according to the following conditions: 

  • You must inform us 31 days before the arrival to the lodge : 25% charge of the total value, or 100% of the value to be used for other dates within 24 months. 
  • If you inform us  11 to 30 days before the arrival to the lodge : you will be charged 50% of the paid value, or 100% of the paid value to be used for other dates within 24 months. 
  • From 1 to 10 days before the arrival to the lodge : no reimbursement.
  • In case of anticipation of the contracted daily rates, there will be no refund of the amount paid.

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