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Cultural immersion includes parties, dances and rituals, as well as traditional knowledge of agriculture, forest cultivation, manioc flour preparation, beiju and other typical dishes, the making of fiber and ceramic artifacts and utensils, and the stories and myths that explain the meanings of each process.

Come on! The Amazon and its noblest and oldest inhabitants await you!


 Is this trip for me?

 The Maniaka (cassava) itinerary has a cultural profile and is suitable for those who wish to immerse themselves in the way of life of indigenous communities.

Sleeping in a hammock and bathing in the river are part of the experience, as are traditional canoe trips between beaches and islands, forest trails (guided by the indigenous way of relating to the environment) and mountain climbs exploring unbelievable landscapes.

This is a profound journey into sacred territory and therefore a series of guidelines will be passed on to the aspiring traveler during the process.

Attention : 

  • For safety reasons, this trip is not recommended for children. 
  • Pets are not allowed.


Why is this trip at GoLocal?

The Serra Guerreiras de Tapuruquara expeditions are experimental trips looking to improve social touristic tours and empowering the indigenous communities to manage the project in the future. Tourism is a tool to reinforce a collective organisation facing giant threats such as mining, deforestation and other illegal activities, and represents an alternative for the sustainable growth of the region. 




Day 1 – Friday (Departure from Manaus by regional boat) 

11am Meeting at the Instituto Socioambiental (Amazon Social & Environmental Institute) and visiting the Amazon Gallery.

12h Almoço na praça do Teatro Amazonas

1pm Transfer to the São Raimundo port and boarding. Deslocamento para o porto São Raimundo e embarque. Overnight sleeping ( in a hammock) on the boat. 

Day 2 – Saturday

Navigating through Rio Negro River, passing by Anavilhanas & Mariuá islands, the biggest group of islands in fresh waters in the world. At night, stop at Barcelos town. Meal and overnight sleeping ( in a hammock) on the boat.  

Day 3 – Sunday (Boa Vista Community)

11am Stop at Santa Isabel do Rio Negro town. 

1pm Arrival at the Boa Vista community. Welcoming with the management, luggage transport until the accommodation. Presention of the behaviour rules and the Merenda program. 

3.30pm Cultural practice: Welcoming Ritual history (Dabucuri), Dance instruments tailoring (taboca) and traditional drink making (pineapple alua).

5.30pm River Bath

6.30pm Dinner

7.30pm Dabucuri traditional party 

Day 4 – Monday (Boa Vista community)

7.30am Breakfast

8.30am Canoe ride : Between beaches and islands & snack at the beach 

1.30pm Lunch at the community 

3pm Cultural practice : arumã fabric (preparation of arumã fabrics, making traditional baskets, mats and other pieces) & snack.

5pm Soccer and games 

7pm Dinner 

Day 5 – Tuesday (Boa Vista/Uabada II)

6am Breakfast and leaving ceremony with the community 

7.30am Reception at Bacuri Beach, Abuara River, welcome by the second Uabada community. 

8am Visit of Jurupari waterfalls, Waimim Old Island, Piramiri & Kiwa and snack time at Kiwa waterfall.

11.30am Lunch and rest at the beach.

1pm Trip to the Sierra: Guided ride on Abuara river, adding explanation about landscape diversity and snack time at the Caiabo waterfall. 

6pm Arrival at Yacaweni camp. 

7pm Dinner.

Day 6 — Wednesday (Uabada I)

5.30am  Breakfast

6am Beginning of the hike up to Sierra,  walks next to igarapé river & snack up at the Sierra. 

11am Going back down

1pm Arrival at the camp and shower 

2pm Lunch

2.45pm Going back to community & snack on the boat 

6pm Arrival at the community 

7pm Dinner

8pm Exhibition and sale of handicraft 

Day 7 – Thursday (Uabada II/Cartucho)

6.30am Breakfast time and farewell with the community 

7.30am Arrival at Cartucho community, welcoming by the community’s leaders, luggage transport to accommodation. 

8am Jacuruaru Sierra and Snack 

12pm Lunch.

3pm Visit to flour house and Baré’s Farm, Brazilian cultural Heritage, and snack at the farm. 

5pm Shower & sunset at Pombo Island.

7pm Dinner.

Day 8 – Friday (Cartucho)

7am Breakfast 

8am Going up to Tapira Sierra & snack at the Sierra. 

1.30pm Lunch

3.30pm Visit to Seringal learning about com histórias do tempo da borracha e merenda.

5pm Bath at Rio Negro beach 

7pm Dinner 

8am Maniaka Murasi party (Mandioca contemporary dance class)

Day 9 – Saturday (Cartucho/Santa Isabel do Rio Negro)

8am Breakfast

9am Exhibition & sale of handicrafts and snacks 

11am Packing luggage for the trip

12pm Lunch

2pm Trip to Santa Isabel do Rio Negro

4pm Arrival at Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, accomodation at the hotel no hotel e passeio pela cidade.

Dia 10 – Sunday (Santa Isabel/Manaus)

8am Breakfast and walk in the city : local market and handicraft.  

11am Flight to Manaus

2pm Arrival at Manaus & end of the activities.


  • Visit to the Socio-Environmental Institute office and the Amazon Gallery (Manaus)
  • Canoeing: sailing and paddling between beaches and islands
  • Local handicraft exhibition, Aruti and Cartucho communities
  • Cultural practice: visit to the flour house and the Baré and Baniwa fields, Brazil’s cultural heritage and garden snack, Cartucho community
  • Bath and sunset at Pombo Island and Rio Negro
  • Rubber tree tour with rubber time stories, Cartucho community
  • Excursions to the Jacuruaru and Traíra Mountains
  • Feast of Maniaka Murasi (Cassava Contemporary Dance)
  • Cultural Practice: Indigenous Pottery Workshop
  • Sunset at Pedra do Carmo or Tamaquaré Beach
  • Cultural practice: canoe and oar workshop, Aruti community
  • Cultural practice: Tupés de Arumã (harvesting, preparation of arumã fiber, making mats and other pieces), Aruti community
  • Cultural practice: walk for recognition of medicinal plants of traditional use and snack, Aruti community
  • Trail to Cufia Lake Ukayemo, Aruti Community
  • Cultural Practice: Community Tour, Lunch Preparation, Aruti Community
  • Baré Party: Mawaku dance and forró Kuximawara, Aruti community
  • Visit to the Warird store and the headquarters of FOIRN – Rio Negro Indigenous Organizations Federation in São Gabriel da Cachoeira



Community accommodation with hammocks (6 to 9 nts), hotel (1nt)



All transportation to and from activities included from Manaus.

From Manaus to Santa Isabel do Rio Negro: Charter Flight

Regular Flight from São Gabriel da Cachoeira to Manaus



All meals are included according to the duration of the trip including: breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner. Most meals are devoted to experimenting with indigenous cuisine.

Terms and conditions

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