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June: 12th to 16th and 23rd to 26th



The Mamirauá Reserve has one of the highest numbers of jaguars in the world. A group of only four people will have the chance to join the Expedition in Search of the Jaguar and interact with researchers from the Mamirauá Institute. KEEP THE EYES OPEN! The Reserve is the only place where the largest feline in the Americas spends 3 months hunting and sleeping on top of the trees, a unique adaptation to the rising flood in the forest.


Initiated by a Brazilian scientist who first studied the uacari monkeys, the Mamirauá Institute conducts research while working to preserve the area, helping local residents develop alternative means of exploring the forest. Ecotourism is part of this effort.” Frommer´s Guide


  • For security reasons, we do not host children under 10 years old;
  • Pets are not allowed.


Why is this trip at GoLocal?


1. Community Income: Generating economic benefits for local communities improves the relationship between them and the jaguars. 2. Research Funding: Expeditions help purchase GPS necklaces to understand ecology and monitor species. 3. Environmental Education: Resources for educational activities with community reserve schools create a new generation of conservationists.




The expedition includes a 4-nights stay at Uakari lodge (from Monday to Friday).


The itinerary is focused on the activities of research dealing with the jaguar and may include (depending on time availability and location of animals):


 Canoe Tour:

From May to July, the entire reserve area is flooded. In this period, the trails will be traveled by canoes, for pure contemplation of nature. In these trails, visitors will have the opportunity to see primates and arboreal mammals, such as guaribas, uacaris, capuchin monkeys, sloths, etc.


Forest Trails:

The lodge has a system of fifteen forest trails, with an average length of 3 km that take around 3 hours to be traveled during the dry season (August to April). The treks are made in small groups of up to four people at a time. All trails are in strategic areas to maximize observation of local flora and fauna, such as the huge kapok trees.


Visit to the Communities:

Visitors will get to know the history, way of life and habits of the riverside population. They will be welcomed by the community guide who will show them the main local attractions. The visitor will be able to ask questions and will be encouraged to talk about their own way of life.


Meeting with Researchers:

The Mamirauá Institute is a biodiversity research unit linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. In the area of ​​Pousada Uakari, there are two floating houses for groups of researchers. There is always a meeting between these researchers and visitors to talk, usually, about typical Amazon animals.


Spending a night in the forest:

Imagine the feeling of sleeping in the woods in a tree-top house with a 360 degree view of everything around? This is our House in the Forest. Together with a local guide, you will spend the night in the forest with its animals and sounds. A unique experience!


Sunset at Mamirauá Lake:

In the Mamirauá Lake, you will find animals such as the pink dolphin, birds, pirarucu fishes, among others. At sunset, this is one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Reserve. On the way back to the Lodge, during the night, it is possible to observe the largest predator in South America: the Jacaré Açu or big caiman.


  • Check-in Transfer: From the Tefé Airport or Hotel to the Uakari Lodge;
  • Check-out transfer: From the Uakari Lodge to the Tefé Airport or hotel
  • 4-nights stay at Uakari Lodge
  • Full board with local foods, including special snacks and one bottle of wine per night;
  • Speedboat exclusively for expedition activities
  • Bilingual researchers specializing in jaguar research.
  • Mamirauá Reserve activities compatible with the expedition’s objectives.



Extra transfers;

Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages;


Laundry services.


Three weekly flights of approximately 01 hours from Azul Airlines take the visitor to the city of Tefé from Manaus: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The start and end of the Lodge programs match flight 5244 (one way) and 5245 (return). It is also possible to reach Tefé by boat. Jet boats take about 12 hours from Manaus, while Regional Boats take an average of 48 hours. For information on boat tickets please contact us.


Booking Conditions:

Groups of up to 07 people: 25% of the total amount at the time of booking and 75% in advance of 01 month of the check-in date;

Groups from 08 people: 25% of the total amount for blocking the requested period and 75% remaining 2 months before the check-in date;

Groups from 10 people the 11th is free.

The reservation is confirmed after the payment. In case of cancellation or alteration, the client must communicate in writing (via email). 


Cancellation or change of dates will be subject to availability and fees subject to the following conditions:


Advance of more than 31 days of arrival at the lodge: 25% charge or 100% bonus for use on another date within 24 months.

Advance between 11 and 30 days of entry into the hostel: 50% charge or 100% bonus for use on another date within 24 months.

Advance between 01 and 10 days of arrival at the hostel: no refund.

No Show: No refunds.

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