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From U$25 to U$50/person

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In addition to enjoying the best views in town, Rio´s favelas are the home of social movements, local projects and lively communities. Favela tours are a way to facilitate the breakdown of stereotypes by  promoting cultural exchange and social  collaboration.


Why is this trip at GoLocal?

Our partners operate in 10 favelas throughout Rio and contributes to 5 micro-communities, with values aligned with  the UN’s guidelines for ​responsible local tourism​.



1. Fixed experiences:

Vidigal Walking Tour (U$25/person) –

Get to know the vibrant community of Vidigal with your local guide taking you through the sidestreets, winding stairways, colorful graffiti walls, and the best bar and lookout in the favela. Renowned for its views and brought to life through this local perspective this isn’t just a tour but an immersion of understanding, culture and explosive artistic energy.

Vidigal Impact Experience (U$50/person) –

Meet five local leaders who are making a HUGE difference in the community with their social projects. Try a capoeira class and learn the history of a unique martial art called Capoeira, infused with dance and music. Ever want to be a part of a carnival drumming group? Learn samba drumming from the kids’ percussion group Batucavidi. Explore the jungle haven Parque Sitiê, once a dumpsite now an ecological paradise. Enjoy a local artisanal beer to top off your tour and hear how one local entrepreneur is using his passion for craft beer to create positive change in his community.   Unlike other tours, the Vidigal Impact Experience Tour happens only on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10 am and ends at 1 pm. This tour includes local transport in the favela, park fees, and beer tasting.

 Santa Marta Explorations (U$45) –

An interactive walking tour of Rio’s most colorful favelas.  Santa Marta became famous when Michael Jackson filmed  his music video “What About Us” here. This tour will take you  to the top of the favela, then stroll down through various  artistic sights while learning about local social projects and  the core challenges the community is facing.

Dois Irmãos Hike (U$40) –

Hike up one of Rio’s most famous landmarks: Dois Irmãos mountain and enjoy the most epic view of Rio followed by a  walk through the vibrant community of Vidigal. Get the  history and know the sidestreets with your local Vidigal  guide.

Dois Irmãos Sunrise Hike (R$150) –

A hike worth waking up for as you walk up Dois Irmaos to  enjoy the most breathtaking sunrise in all of Rio de Janeiro.  Hot coffee served at the top by your local guide and on the  way down they will show you all the best viewpoints and  nuances of this dynamic community with an interactive  walkthrough Vidigal.

Rocinha by Rocinha (R$150) – 

Beginning at the bottom of  Rocinha with an introduction of  local projects and initiatives within the community. Hop on a  moto-taxi to the top to absorb the breathtaking views from  Rio’s largest favela. Then off to visit the house of a local  family where travelers can participate in a cultural exchange  while enjoying a refreshing cold drink. Tour continues down  the winding roads of Rocinha, where travelers will learn  about community dynamics of the favela.

2. Customized Tours

Chose what location interests you, and what  themes your group is focused on and together we  will create a customized experience.  Is your group  in town for an extended period of time? Great! We  can arrange transportation and accommodations  as well. Our team can design experiences lasting  two hours or two months in: ◉ Vidigal  ◉ Rocinha  ◉ Pavuna  ◉ Cantagalo  ◉ Complexo do Alemão  ◉ Providencia  ◉ Babilônia  ◉ Santa Marta .

You can also pick the Activities/Projects that interest you and your group such as:  ◉ Visual Arts  ◉ Economic Empowerment/Entrepreneurship  ◉ Tech Innovation  ◉ Music /Theater  ◉ Dance  ◉ Hiking/fitness  ◉ History

Prices include a guide and local transportation within the community. Guests will not be required to spend any  additional money throughout the experience.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • Meals/snacks from local restaurateurs
  • Professional Photographer accompaniment
  • Mix and Match tours to make a full day or multiple day experience.

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