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Natural Gastronomy


From U$70,00/person for a minum of 5 people



A unique experience in the Atlantic Forest and its treasures: the universe of agroforestry and of native non-conventional foods with specialists Jorge Ferreira, the old Imperial Road surrounded by the jungle, the beautiful waterfalls  and the delicious “cachaça” (a cane sugar spirit), because as we say: “no one is made of iron”!

Why is this trip at GoLocal?

Jorge Ferreira is one of the greatest examples of the practice of regenerative agriculture in Brazil. In his beautiful property right in the middle of the forest, he manages to produce a large variety of food plants while enhancing natural biodiversity.



– Experience in the Atlantic Forest with Jorge Ferreira, specialist in non-conventional food plantas and Agroforestry
– Walk along the Imperial Road
– Local transport
– Lunch
– Visit the traditional cachaça still
– Optional visit to waterfalls
– Travel insurance

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