To change the world by travelling!

This is our dream.

GoLocal was born as a social impact startup in the Social Lab Good Brazil back in 2016 to offer experiences which stimulate entrepreneurship and sustainability, but also cultural and biological diversity preservation.

For the traveler, it is an opportunity to evolve as a human being, making meaninful conections, charmed by the treasure of this planet and living what the best life can offer. 

Come to travel and change the world with us !

Core values


GoLocal Team

Roberta Guimarães
Golocal Founder 
Roberta @golocal.com.br

” Totally in love with our planet !
This love brought me to study biology
and antropology and to interact closely
with diferent comunities who live near nature.
The positive energy coming from those
interactions is something I always wanted
to share with other people.
This is how Go local was born !”

Jonathan Magalhães Kazimierski
Associate / Global partnership developer

“For me, traveling has always been a way
of conecting to humanity and to our planet.
Making people aware that we are all earth citizen
is my biggest motivation, and contributing
locally wherever you decide to travel
is the best mean to do it!”

Terms and conditions

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