GoLocal comes from earth lovers ! We studied biology, anthropology, physics,international management and even alternative therapies & Yoga ! We have lived in many countries such as England, France, Italy and the Philippines. We have already worked in rural and indigenous communities and for conservation programs, until we discovered our purpose in life :


Change the world by travelling !


We understand that the best way to do so is to use tourism as a tool for sustainable development by adding adventure, human experience and collaboration !


Go Local was born this way : as a social impact startup in the Social Lab Good Brazil back in 2016.


We offer experiences which stimulate entrepreneurship and sustainability, but also cultural and biological diversity preservation !


For travelers, it is an opportunity to evolve as a human being, expanding your social circle, charmed by the treasure of this planet, and finally, living what the best life can offer. 

Our work is focused on the United Nation Sustainable development goals (see below our sustainable tourism criteria) 


Come to travel and change the world with us !

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  Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro

Tel: +55 27 9248-9993

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